Congratulations on taking the first step to taking care of you, I know it's not always easy.  If you have a child or are a teen, adult or family looking for a judgement free, confidential, comfortable space you've come to the right place.

Specialty areas I focus on:

  • Trauma informed care including ARC (attachment self-Regulation and competency) a therapy model proven effective in helping individuals and families that have experienced trauma.
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning individuals and families.  
  • Clinical Hypnosis to aid with pain, anxiety, relaxation, personal performance and much more.  
  • If you are facing other types of challenges please contact me, chances are I can help or refer you to someone who can.

My approach to therapy is led by a strength based philosophy.  Being strength based means I believe everyone has strengths no matter where they are in life.  We will use those strengths, along with evidence based practices, to make effective change.     

If would like to start feeling more positive about yourself or your family life schedule a session today.